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Underpinning the clients concerns on their new purchase

Our client engaged TRINITY ROSE to carry out an inspection of a residential property they were in the process of purchasing. The property had been the subject of underpinning work. A Chartered Building Surveyor's report was required prior to making a legal commitment to purchase.

The report was to provide a considered opinion on the structural integrity of the building, to determine whether the previous underpinning work had proven successful and to advise on whether any further intervention was required.

We requested and reviewed relevant design information relating to the underpinning work. This gave us clarity on the scope and extent of the previous work and was constantly referred to.

Our assessment took into consideration:

  1. Local geography and geology
  2. The general structural arrangement
  3. The vertical and horizontal integrity of the main walls and floors
  4. The trueness of openings in the main load-bearing walls.
  5. The presence of cracks or other disturbances to structural elements
  6. The proximity of vegetation and its influence on the property
  7. The arrangement and condition of underground drains

Our report drew together our observations and provided a definitive summary on the adequacy of the previous underpinning work. We also advised the client on building and site-wide matters for referral to their proposed building insurers.

Our report was both timely and focused on the client's requirements. They were able to meet their exchange date and secure insurance cover for the property on the strength of our advice.